Friday, December 29, 2006

From behind the baton

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to make great memories!
One of my pet peeves is all the news coverage and discussion during the Christmas season dwelling on the negatives. Covering the worst activities, the most negative actions of the few, and the most depressing news the reporters can dig up. Pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV and you would swear everyone is sitting home alone in a depressing stupor and there isn't one person out there having a great time with their family and loved ones during these wonderful holidays.
Our choir and drama group just spent 13 weeks preparing to present our Christmas musical. We rehearsed each song, each, phrase, and each measure over and over to make it sound right. We practiced each line, each entrance and each gesture with the actors in the drama group.
Sometimes we forget how much work and effort our parents put into creating our wonderful memories of holidays gone by.
As we enter the new year, think about putting forth that extra effort into making your new memories positive ones. Whether it's planning activities with your family or joining your local church choir to help out your poor choir director.
Happy New Year to you and yours!