Monday, December 22, 2008

Bud's Ramblings...

Since I grew up north of Buffalo, NY in North Tonawanda, I'm familiar with white precipitation falling from the sky anytime between the months between November and April. But I moved south into the "snow belt" near Fredonia, NY about 8 years ago. Now, I know some of the natives around here will tell you that we don't get that much snow here but...THEY LIE!

Almost two years ago, Diane took me shopping for a snow blower at Monte's. Monte's is a great little store, which sells lawn tractors, snow blowers, etc. Diane ended up buying a snow blower which can pull a house! This thing has 6 forward speeds, two reverse speeds, a headlight, electronic starter, cruise control, powered wheels which can turn it right or left, a pistol grip which aims the chute and the snow up, down, left or right, and a cup holder. (I lied about the cup holder...Diane has her limits!) I told her at the time that we didn't need something that big. But I now admit every time I come back into the house after snowblowing with my frozen white ski mask, brittle mittens, cold/wet pants and heavy boots...I mumble to her through numb lips: "What a great snow blower!!!!!!"

This snow blower even waits for me when I fall. Here's what happens every time I slip and fall using this snow blower... As I fall, the snow blower stops moving, the auger (which throws the snow) stops, Kacey (my dog) runs up to me to lick my frozen ski mask. Then I get back to my feet and away I go.

I am now sitting in the warm office with my frozen feet on top of Kacey (my golden retriever, who is at this moment lying under my desk). As I look out the window, I see snow being whipped horizontally from the right to the left. The snow is caked onto the outside window screen, so I can only see through the upper window. Everything outside is white with the exception of a few branches of the naked trees across the road.

Sunrise has already occurred (I know that because it is a little brighter outside) but I will not actually see the sun again until mid-May. During winter, we have only nighttime (dark) and daytime (a little less dark). A 100 mile stretch of the Thruway from Rochester, NY to the Pennsylvania state line is now closed due to blowing/drifting snow and I'm considering calling the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Last year, I found an article titled: 'Diary of a shoveler.' Since I'm shoveling and snow blowing 4 times a day, I thought I'd dig out that article and share it again. Even though the author is unknown, I'm sure this guy lived in our neighborhood and is now drooling on himself wearing a jacket tied only in the back.
I'll stick the article on my blog tomorrow.

The feeling has finally returned to my left index finger. I know that because I felt it when I typed the letter "F" in the word "finger!"

May you and yours enjoy a WARM & Merry Christmas...
Bud (and a very warm Kacey)