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Director of Purchasing: Lois Bidder Instrument repairman: Anita Hammer Attorney: Gil T. Azell

A look back at Christmas in the ‘Good old days’ - A Christmas ad in Dunkirk Dunkirk Evening Observer (Wednesday, December 23, 1925)

“Nickel Plite Grocery Wm Prop Successor to Henderson Grocery We Deliver 801 Phone 2019 Fancy Mixed Nuts Fine Large Filberts In Almonds English Walnuts Fancy Fruits and Mild and Snappy Swiss Cheese American Gieese Pimento N Xew Bulk Mince Meat Sweet Cider Rite Soap Chips Fancy Naval Oranges Kellogg's Corn Flake pkg Fancy Apples Spys Baldwins and Greenings pk If IT I SERVICE QUALITY Low PRICES 323 MAin STREET CHRISTMAS GIFT SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR MOTHER SISTER DAUGHTER FRIEND FUR-TRIMMED COATS...” (Does this Christmas ad make sense to you?)

From the Choir Loft
Everyone is invited (adults and children) to join us on Tuesday, 12/16/08 @ 6:45 pm @ St. Columban’s On The Lake (2545 Lake Road – Route 5) in Sheridan. “Singers” as well as non-singers are welcome. You will be blessed as you bless the residents of St. Columban’s. I am promised that “Buddy” the golden retriever will be there!

'The Chipmunk Song’
Ross Bagdasarian was a novelty song writer making a living writing quirky songs. He had one major triumph – he had written the bizzaro hit, ‘Come Onna my House’ for Rosemary Clooney in 1951. He loved the dials, buttons, little gauges and lights in the recording studio and liked to experiment with them. By deliberately recording at the slowest speed possible on his reel-to-reel tape recorder, he found he could sing normally, and then sound like a freak on helium if he sped the recording to normal speed during playback. He created 3 characters who sang harmony, sped the tape up, and Viola! The Chipmunks were born! The ‘Chipmunk Song,’ released for the Christmas season in 1958, sold 5 million copies that year, and the song received 2 Grammy Awards in 1958.

#1 Songs on this date in history
December 7
1969 – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ (Steam)
1942 – ‘White Christmas’ (Bing Crosby)
1919 – ‘Oh! What a Pal Was Mary’ (Henry Burr)

History of Christmas Toys Timeline: ‘Play-Doh’

Question from last week:
In 1956, Joe McVicker becomes a millionaire before his 27th birthday when he realizes his wallpaper cleaner will make an excellent toy. What toy is it?
Answer: Non-toxic and less messy than regular modeling clay, Play-Doh is an immediate hit as a toy for kids. To date, over 700 million pounds of Play-Doh have been sold.
Next week: While searching for a suspension device to ease rough sailing on battleships during World War II, Richard James discovers that his torsion spring might make an interesting child’s toy. This toy is still manufactured in Hollidaysburg, Pa. on the same 8 machines that James began with over 70 years ago. What toy is it? (Answer next week!)

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By Scott Murray

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the church
Every creature was stirring, they were sitting on Birch

The programs were ready, everything was prepared
In hopes that the people soon would be there

The decorations were piled all over the place
From trees and garland, to pine cones and lace

The pastor all dressed up, the youth guy in jeans
Had started discussing what Christmas means

The gifts and the baskets, the ribbons and bows
And all of the children all covered in snow

Too often the problem we face every year
Is no one remembers any more than good cheer

For Christmas is not just a time to be getting
There’s something that schools are indeed forgetting

The birth of a saviour, in a manger with hay
Is really the reason to celebrate this day

While Santa and reindeer may seem to be right,
Who wants to celebrate a fat man in tights?

So in your efforts, remember this season
That Jesus my friends, is truly the reason

He did not come just for the winter
But also to die on two giant splinters

There not to stay, he just went to call
And bring back with him Salvation for all

The meeting was over and to their delight
The people were gathered, for Christmas that night

Copyright 2003 Scott Murray. Permission is granted to send this to others, with attribution, but not for commercial purposes.