Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day from Bud's view...

(If you’re not sick and tired of it already)

DID YOU KNOW? US Supreme court Chief Justice John Roberts (who will administer the oath of office to Barack Obama) was born in Buffalo, NY in 1955 and his father was plant manager at Bethlehem Steel?

INAUGURATION FACTOID: More security officials will be working to secure Washington DC today (Inauguration day) than the number of troops we have in Afghanistan. The Secret Service will manage a force of more than 40,000 people, including 7,500 active duty soldiers, 10,000 National Guard troops and 25,000 law-enforcement officers. There are currently 31,000 troops serving in Afghanistan.

QUOTABLE: "I think you can tell what the Administration is going to be like by what the First Lady wears." -Barbara Walters on 'The View' Monday.

New Federal Employee
As a new federal employee, I felt a combination of excitement and anxiety about meeting the strict standards of discretion and respect that our government imposes on its workers. Fearful of making a costly mistake, I decided to read up on procedures and standards on the federal Office of Personnel Management web page. I'm not sure if I was relieved or worried when I clicked on one page and found: "Ethics: Coming soon!"

Reason for Leaving
Sadly, no one is safe from receiving the dreaded pink slip. Recently, a job application came across my desk at the federal personnel office in Washington, D.C. It was written on a standard form, which includes the question "Why did you leave your previous employment?" The applicant, a former U.S. Congressman, responded, "The express wish of 116,000 voters."