Friday, September 25, 2009

Are we ready?

The combined 3 choirs sounded great together during Tuesday evening's rehearsal...The 18 piece Dave Golando Big Band is always ready, and The Big Bore Brass Tuba Choir will include 16 'tubas.'

Confirmed guest speakers include The County Executive, mayor of Silver Creek, Mayor of Gowanda, County Emergency Response Director, Hanover Supervisor, and Dr. Robert Heichberger.

Fire equipment from Silver Creek, Gowanda, and Hanover will be parked out front.

The A/V department from Silver Creek Central School has organized a video presentation from hundreds, if not thousands of pictures.

Doug Metzger from Willowcreek Winery has not only printed hundreds of posters...but has printed 500 programs for our concert. AND Judy @ Hae Jude Signs has printed 4 posters for the music groups.

Julie Szumigala and Kathy Keddie have spent hours in preparation for our post-concert reception and Chinese auction. And that includes hundreds of Petri Cookies.

I'm hoping for a FULL HOUSE! We're as ready as we can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS...My dad from Florida will be there. What pressure!'s all for the poor victims of the flooding.