Monday, December 21, 2009

History of Chritmas Toys...

This hugely successful kid's toy entered the U.S. market in 1956 as a wallpaper cleaner. After seeing nursery school children using it as a toy, it was marketed to the toy market. This innovative product made Joe McVicker a millionaire before his 27th birthday. Between 1955 - 2005 it sold over 2 billion units. It's 1970's TV commercial was voted one of the 'top 100 best commercials' by 'Advertising Age.' It is sold in over 75 countries and sells over 95 million units/year.
THE ANSWER IS ... Play-doh

In 1947, a group of Minnesota teachers realized their attempt to make and sell garden tools was failing. They decided to use their extra materials to make toys in a small schoolhouse basement. With a staff of just a half dozen people, they turned out a total of 37,000 toys in two designs in their first year. They name their company after a nearby lake, which means "great" in Sioux.
The company was founded on the premise that a toy should be durable and provide the child with as much play value as possible. Over a half-century and 250 million toys later, this company uses more than 119,000 pounds of yellow paint and 5.1 million pounds of sheet metal to make these toys.