Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sheridan Community Chorus (7/6) concert

A few things regarding (7/6) concert...
Bud's begging for help again!
1. Chorus concert 7:00 pm at Sheridan United Methodist by 6:00 pm
attire: combination of red/white/blue...white/black acceptable
2. Do you know anyone who would volunteer to shuttle the choir members to/from our concert at Sheridan United Methodist Church on Sunday (7/6)? We have permission to park the choir members' cars at the St. John Bosco parking lot.
3. We could use some help moving some pieces of furniture off the platform following the Sunday morning service at Sheridan.
I thank each and every one of you for your commitment.
The wrist is fine.

Good news from Carolyn

I got this email from Carolyn D. this morning...
Good news! Keep praying!

Dear Family and Friends,

More good news. Andy is no longer in ICU but is still at Hamot. He is eating solids and walking with a walker a little. His mind is clearing up from all the drugs. He no longer sees bugs or tells these outlandish stories. They are still not sure if the kidneys are functioning properly and they are having a hard time regulating his sugar. So please keep praying. God certainly has been taking care of us.

Love to all,