Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Calorie-burning activities counter

Here's your guide to calorie-burning activities and calories burned per hour:
Beating around the bush 75
Making mountains out of mole hills 500
Jumping to conclusions 100
Swallowing your pride 50
Passing the buck 25
Throwing your weight around 50-300 (depending on your weight)
Dragging your heels 100
Pushing your luck 250
Hitting the nail on the head 50
Wading through paperwork 300
Bending over backwards 75
Jumping on the bandwagon 200
Balancing the books 200

Invite a friend to join us!

The rehearsals have begun, attendance has been good and the Christmas season has begun!
Just because the temperature and humidity are high, we're not going to let that stop us from decking the halls with boughs of holly!
Invite your friends to join us! We need singers of all & video help...promotional help...etc. The help wanted list is endless.
Invite a friend to join us!