Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting into Heaven...

Subject: St. Peter at The Pearly Gates

Saint Peter is checking ID/s at the Pearly Gates, and the first guy in line is a Texan. "Tell me, what have you done in life?" asks St. Peter. The Texan says, "Well, I struck oil, so I became rich, but I didn't sit on my laurels - - I divided all my money among my entire family in my will, so our descendants are all set for about three generations."

St. Peter says, "That's really something. Come on in. . . . Next!"

The second guy in line has been listening, so he says, "I struck it big in the stock market, but I didn't selfishly just provide for my own like that Texan guy. I donated five million to Save the Children."

"Wonderful!" says Saint Peter. "Come in. - - - Who's next?"

The third guy has been listening and says timidly with a downcast look, "Well, I only made five thousand dollars in my entire lifetime."

"Heavens!" says St. Peter. "What instrument did you play?"


Yes I know the greetings are late, but I haven't seen most of you for over seven months. I haven't even seen the Sheridan group since July.
As for current events, I know the economy makes for bad headlines and we're all praying for the families of the downed Continental plane in Clarence Center.

I hope you've found ways to "make a joyful noise" with your voices in the absence of our chorus. I've had the opportunity to play my horns much more often and have been having a ball. I was recently asked to play with the Erie County Wind Ensemble (made up of area music teachers) for a February concert in Tonawanda. It was wonderful, and I want to thank some of you for traveling all the way from Silver Creek to hear us play.

My shoulders are feeling much better since I'm doing very little conducting. It's been good to take a break from the podium. My shoulders were beginning to sound like breaking twigs every time I lifted my arms.

Now for Chorus news...
Many of you have been in contact with me asking when the chorus will get together again. We have been asked to present a patriotic concert in 8 different venues (NO WAY!) and each and every one from these venues is excited to have us sing again after last years' concerts.

The COMMUNITY CHORUS will be contacting everyone on last year's chorus list to find the level of commitment for a patriotic cantata for this upcoming 2009 season. The two venues would be "The Willowcreek Winery" fireworks and The Cattaraugus Christian Camp. We would need a place to rehearse (with a sound system & piano) and I would suggest that we sing a musical that we have sung previously. We have a volunteer, who has offered his sound system for the concerts. I am also looking for some financial backing (maybe we should request some "stimulus" funding?).

Please respond to us one way or the other. If you have a ton of money to donate...let me know! If you just want to say: "take your creaking shoulders and get lost!"...please let me know. This is entirely up to the group as to whether we get back together again. This has been a great community ensemble and it has been my pleasure to have been a part of it.

My goal is to have 60 singers.

Looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you,

Bud & Betty