Friday, August 7, 2009

Musician's etiquette...

After the performance:
smile and say thank you to any & all compliments, no matter how you thought you did. If someone says it was good and you say "No it wasn't," you are basically calling them ignorant. If you say "Yes, I was rather wonderful, wasn't I," then you look like a jerk.

The 'Jerk'

Professional Musician's Etiquette (II)

During Rehearsals

• Listen to the conductor, or at least look like you are listening.
• Avoid practicing your part in front of the conductor. He/she will know what you are having problems with and will be listening for it.
• Refrain from practicing excerpts in rehearsal.
• Be flexible in regards to the conductor's comments, and do what is asked of you.
• Instrumental players: warm-up softly. Use a mute or go someplace quiet.
• Be modest and don't brag. If you are a great player or singer, others will hear it in your playing or singing.