Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bud's World (10/18/08)

Director of Purchasing: Lois Bidder Instrument repairman: Anita Hammer Attorney: Gil T. Azell

BRITTANY (age 4) had an ear ache and wanted a pain killer. She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle of children’s’ aspirin. Seeing her frustration, her Mom explained it was a child-proof cap and she'd have to open it for her. Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked: “How does it know it's me?”

I was just wondering…
If you have a circular driveway, how do you get out?
Why do steam irons have a “permanent” press setting?
Have you ever stopped to think and forgot to start again?

From the Sheridan Community Chorus Choir Loft
The Sheridan Community Chorus pot luck planning dinner will be held on Saturday, November 1 at 5:00 pm at The St. John Bosco Auditorium on Route 20 in Sheridan, NY. The goal for The Sheridan Community Chorus is to be ready for the 2009 Easter season. I’m hoping to have a place to rehearse, a sound system, a video projector, a DVD player, a CD player and music by February, 2009. Thus making this group a totally autonomous group. We need your help! Please invite anyone you think might be interested in joining us. Bring your ideas and energy! Singers and non-singers are needed! Please RSVP to Bud.

Quotes to remember:
“If a composer could say what he had to say in words, he would not bother trying to say it in music.”
~ Gustav Mahler
“Musical compositions, it should be remembered, do not inhabit certain countries, certain museums, like paintings and statues. The Mozart Quintet is not shut up in Salzburg: I have it in my pocket.”
~ Henri Rabaud

Name that instrument (Answer to last week’s quiz): The modern version of this instrument was developed from the “Chalumeau” of 1690. Today is called the clarinet.

This week:
This musical instrument was originally designed in France in 1650. One of its original uses was to be played during hunting and its sound was called “recheat.” Players had to attach longer or shorter sections to their instrument to play in various keys.

Name the instrument. (Answer next week).

Why are band concert intermissions limited to 20 minutes?
So you don't have to retrain the drummers.

What do you call a male quartet?
Three men and a tenor.

What's the difference between a bass trombone and a chain saw?

Today in History October 19
1992 – Bush, Clinton, & Perot met in their final Presidential debate in E. Lansing, Michigan
1963 – The Beatles recorded ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’
1957 – ‘Damn Yankees’ musical closed at The 46th Street Theater in NYC after 1,022 performances
1953 – Singer Julius LaRosa, a regular on the CBS program ‘Arthur Godfrey Time,’ was fired on the air by Arthur Godfrey, who accused him of lacking humility
1879 – Thomas Edison demonstrated the electric light
1817 – Tom Taylor (British playwright) was born. His play ‘Our American Cousin’ was being performed at Ford’s Theater when Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Boothe
1492 – Christopher Columbus sighted ‘Isabela Island’ (Fortune Island) in the Bahamas

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A better golfer

"I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators."

~ Gerald R. Ford