Thursday, March 29, 2007

Choir Personals (Joke)

Good looking, mature, widowed soprano with own home looking to meet tenor or baritone. Hair optional. Teeth optional. I have extra sets of both. No basses please. #S-223
Amish choir director seeks spouse. If thee likes rustic living, drawing water from a well and shapeless, black dresses, thou art for me. #B-2
Beepers for sale. Don't care for the choir anthem? Do what I do! Have yourself paged at any time during the first 10 minutes of the service. First come, first serve. #B-256
B.R.A. (Back Row Altos) Now accepting applications for new members. You needn't sit on the back row to be part of this militant feminist organization.
For Sale: Rapper Bible. $20 OBO. #B-9591
E-Z Sight Reading Technique: I'll show you how. No more choir rehearsals! Stay home and enjoy yourself. Choir director approved! Only $79.95 for the complete home study course. #B-1291