Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Biblical Humor…

Q. Which area of Palestine was especially wealthy?
A. The area around Jordan. The banks were always overflowing.
Q. Who is the greatest babysitter mentioned in the Bible?
A. David. He rocked Goliath to a very deep sleep.
Q. Which Bible character had no parents?
A. Joshua, son of Nun.
Q. Why didn't they play cards on the ark?
A. Because Noah was standing on the deck. (Groan...)

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top Reasons For Joining The Church Choir

  • You've just been selected for jury duty and you want to get accustomed to sitting with a large group of people.

  • The collection plate is never passed to the choir.

  • There's a clock in the back of the church and you want to know when one hour has passed.

  • For years you have wanted to know who sits in the back of the church but were afraid to turn around and look.

Tonight at 7:00, our choir will be performing with the Cattaraugus area Community Choir. We will be presenting the Easter musical ‘The Sacrifice’ at 7:00 PM at the Cattaraugus United Methodist Church with them. The church is located at the corner of Washington & South streets in Cattaraugus, NY.


Wit or Wisdom?

A Mormon acquaintance once pushed Mark Twain into an argument on the issue of polygamy. After long and tedious expositions justifying the practice, the Mormon demanded that Twain cite any passage of scripture expressly forbidding polygamy.

"Nothing easier,"

Twain replied. "No man can serve two masters."


Today in history

(March 25)

1970 - The Concorde made its 1st supersonic flight (700 MPH)

1954 – "From Here to Eternity" with Holden & Hepburn won at the 26th Academy Awards

1954 – RCA manufactured the 1st color TV set with a 12" screen selling for $1,000

1951 – "Guys & Dolls" won at the 5th annual Tony Awards

1943 – Jimmy Durante and Gary Moore premiered on radio

1937 – The Washington Daily News was the 1st U.S. newspaper w/perfumed advertising pages

1882 – 1st public demonstration of "pancake-making" in a department store in NYC

1813 – 1st U.S. flag flown in battle on the Pacific (aboard the frigate Essex)

1776 – The Continental Congress authorized a medal for George Washington

1668 – 1st horse race in America took place

1634 – Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland

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History of the Hymns

March 25, 2007

‘My Jesus, I Love Thee’


page 172

Words: William Ralph Featherstone (1846 – 1873)

Music: Adoniram Judson Gordon (1836 – 1895)

A young talented and tenderhearted actress was passing along the street of a large city. Seeing a pale, sick girl lying on a couch just inside a half-open door of a beautiful building, she entered with the thought that by her vivacity and pleasant conversation, she might cheer-up the young invalid. The sick girl was a devoted Christian, and her words, her patience, her submission and heaven-lit countenance, so demonstrated the spirit of her religion that the actress was thoroughly converted, and became a true follower of Christ.

She told her father, the leader of the theater troupe, of her conversion, and of her desire to abandon the stage, stating that she could not live a consistent Christian life and follow the life of an actress. Her father was shocked, and told his daughter that their careers would be lost and their business ruined. Loving her father dearly, she partially consented to fulfill their upcoming engagement.

The evening came, the hour arrived; a large audience had assembled. The curtain rose, and the young actress stepped forward firmly amid the applause of the multitude. Amid the breathless silence of the audience, she repeated:

"My Jesus, I Love Thee, I know Thou art mine; For Thee all the follies of sin I resign;

My gracious Redeemer, my Saviour art Thou; If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ‘tis now!"

That was all. Through Christ she had conquered and, leaving the audience in tears, she retired from the stage never to appear upon it again. Through her influence her father was converted, and through their united evangelistic labors many were led to God.

Meanwhile…1876…131 years ago…in the United States…

President: Ulysses S. Grant…V.P.: Henry Wilson

The U.S. population was approximately 39 million

Mary Baker Eddy founded the Christian Scientists movement

A trip on the new "Transcontinental Express" train (S.F. – NYC) took 83 ½ hours

In Forestville, NY

…at A.C. Cook’s Mill, corn was 35¢/bushel, oats 35¢, & wheat 75¢

There were 3 churches, a printing shop, a bank, 2 hotels, a school, & 23 stores

A stage coach left Forestville every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday


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Sheridan Community Chorus

The Easter Musical: 'The Sacrifice' presented by The Sheridan Community Chorus will be Sunday, April 1, 2007 @ 7:00 pm at the Sheridan United Methodist Church...2679 Route 20 in Sheridan, NY 14135.
The 55-voice choir will sing the powerful music as 6 Biblical characters of the Easter-week story are interviewed in "60-Minutes" style.
Arrive early...invite others to come with you! You won't want to miss this wonderful presentation.
For further information, call (716) 672-2048 or (716) 934-7734