Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 in review...

Do you remember these names and images from 2008?
(in no particular order of prominence...)

Jennifer Stuczynski: We're very proud of this pole vaulting silver medalist of the summer olympics native of Fredonia, NY.

Barrack Obama: Who really thought he would win? Did he really bowl a 37?

Mitt Romney: Alright already! I know what a Mormon is!!!!

Rudy Giuliani: Who runs for President, but only campaigns in Florida unless you're running for President of AARP?

John McCain: I'm still not convinced he really wanted to win.

Mike Huckabee: This former pastor/guitar player lasted longer than anyone thought he would. Like the 'Energizer Bunny,' he just wouldn't quit!

Hillary Clinton: (is she still a state senator?) Is she on "paid leave" from her NY Senate seat?

Fannie Mae: Sounds like a new musical opening on Broadway.

Freddie Mac: Did you hear McDonald's is going to offer a new 'FreddieMacBurger? It used to have a 1/4 lb. of it only contains a pickle.

Eliot Spitzer: (where's he been hiding?)

Jeremiah Wright: "God Bless America!" Does anyone listen to the sermon?

Plaxico Burress: Never carry a loaded handgun in your pants!

Al Franken: SNL characters really love politics! He may end up being a US Senator. They're still counting the votes!

Tony Rezko: Not everyone will remember this guy!

iPhone: I could never afford one!

Joe Biden: (is he from Pennsylvania or Delaware?)

Sarah Palin: My brother lives in Anchorage, Alaska. They love her up there!

Michael Phelps: Who is Mark Spitz?

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics: Did you watch any TV coverage of the Olympics? I tried to watch Jennifer or table tennis (Yes, I'm a ping-pong nerd!) I couldn't find Jennifer or ping-pong coverage. But I did watch the exciting synchronized swimming and gymnastics coverage (YAWN!).

Tina Fey: Is her name Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?

O.J. Simpson: As Buffalo Bills fans, we remember him as #32...I guess he's got a different number now!

$4.00/Gallon: "What goes up...must come down!"

Video '2008 Year in Review'

This is a great video of the year 2008 year in review.
It's called Uncle Jay explains...