Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 31, 2006

Previous New Year’s Resolutions:

2003: "I will go to church every Sunday.

" 2004: "I will go to church as often as possible."

2005: "I will pray & meditate daily."

2006: "I will try to catch a sermonette on TV."

2007: ???????

The History of Christmas Toys

The most commonly accepted story of the invention of Monopoly centers on Charles Darrow, an unemployed engineer from Germantown, Pennsylvania. As the legend goes, Darrow created the game on an oil cloth on his kitchen table, all the while dreaming of fame, fortune, and summers spent on the Jersey shore, which explains the game's Atlantic City street names. It is true that Charles Darrow presented the game to Parker Brothers in 1934, but was turned down because the company felt the game, which they said had "fifty-two fundamental design errors," was too complicated and would take too long to play. In 1935, after Darrow had some success selling the game on his own, Parker Brothers reconsidered and bought the rights to Monopoly for an undisclosed sum.

Happy New Year From the Choir Loft

Thanks to everyone involved in the presentation of our Christmas musical. We presented the exciting Christmas drama: "A 1940's Christmas Homecoming" on two separate nights at two separate churches. On December 10th, we presented it in Silver Creek, NY at the First United Church to a very nice crowd. On December 17th, we presented it to a full church at our own Sheridan United Church in Sheridan, NY. I thank each and every one of you for your time and sacrifice. In a small church like ours, it takes an effort from everyone. My wish for all of you is a blessed New Year filled with God’s blessings for you, your family and loved ones.

2007...Some of you have been asking about the plans of our Community Chorus for the upcoming year. Our plans at this point, are Easter, July 4th, and Christmas concerts. We are working on joining forces with the Cattaraugus Community Choir, Westfield Community Choir, and adding every singer in our area.

For Easter, I'm looking at a great piece with an accompanying DVD video presentation. It is a sequel to the "Eyes of Faith" piece we did a few years ago. It follows the Easter story and includes interviews with many of the Bible characters leading up to and following the crucifixion. You won't want to miss this one. It is exciting and we need you!

History of the Carols

‘Auld Lang Syne’

Robert Burns, the most famous of Scottish poets, discovered the lyrics for ‘Auld Land Syne’ in the course of his travels about the Highland countryside. The words and the tune somehow crossed the Atlantic, where it became the marching song at the University of Virginia. When bandleader Guy Lombardo programmed it into his concert at the University of Virginia in 1932 with the ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as a closing number at a college dance, the students cheered in recognition of "their" tune. As a result, Guy Lombardo decided to make it his regular closing number.

Today, the familiar music and words (the title translates literally as "

old long since") are sung as a farewell to the old year and a ritual of parting in virtually all English-speaking countries. And for more than half a century, it was featured on Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians’ famous New Year’s Eve radio and television broadcasts, heard throughout most of the world.

Most important world event of 2006

(from the Bud’s World News Department)

With the E. coli spinach & lettuce contamination, Democrats gaining control of Congress, The 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Italy, The Congressman Mark Foley scandal, The Cardinals’ victory in the World Series, The Steelers’ victory in the Super Bowl, The Bucky Phillips search, The shooting at the Amish school…


Pastor Molly Golando’s 1st Sunday @ Sheridan United Methodist Church (7/2/06)

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Happy New Year

From Bud’s

History of the Carols

December 31, 2006

"The Little Drummer Boy"

The legend of a young lad who wishes to give the newly born Christ Child a precious gift is an old one, and found in many countries. In Italy the boy has only an onion; in Spain he has an olive branch; in England he has the ability to juggle; in Holland he has a branch of freesia; in France he has his little drum.

Harry Simeone, once a choral conductor with Fred Waring, selected the latter as the basis for his winsome Christmas song titled ‘The Little Drummer Boy.’ Impulsively joining the solemn trip of the three kings, with their splendid offerings of fragrant myrrh, pungent frankincense and gleaming gold, the boy realizes in dismay that all he has is his hand drum. Crestfallen, he nonetheless approaches the Babe in the manger and lays the drum at His feet. Only then does he notice the tender, radiant smile that appears for an instant on the face of the Holy Child. His modest gift is not without merit after all.

With its brave little melody and its "prmm, prmm, prmm" accompaniment, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ has inspired a number of best-selling recordings, chief among them Simeone’s own (in 1958) with his choral group.

It happened on January 1st

1985 – New York State became the 1st

state in the U.S. with a mandatory seat belt law

1984 – The AT&T Corporation was broken up into 22 "Baby Bell" companies

1971 – Tobacco ads totaling $20 million were banned from Television & radio

1967 – The KC Chiefs beat The Buffalo Bills 31 –7 in AFL championship game

1908 – The 1st "Ball Drop," signaling the New Year, took place in New York City

1902 – 1st Tournament of Roses (Rose Bowl) collegiate football game in Pasadena

1898 – Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island merge to become NYC

1892 – Ellis Island was first opened as an immigration station near the Statue of Liberty

1863 – President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves

1808 – The United States 1st prohibited the importation of slaves from Africa

1797 – Albany became the capital of New York replacing New York City


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