Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today's funny

After a nice dinner the two elderly couples got up from the table. The ladies went into the kitchen and the men went into the living room.

One of the gents said to the other,
- I think it is so wonderful how you call your wife, "honey pie" and "sweet pea", and "sugar" all the time.

The other gent said:
- Well to tell you the truth, four years ago, I forget her name.

Sheridan Community Chorus 2008 Christmas Schedule

Dear friends and members of The Sheridan Community Chorus…
Last Friday (8/29) I felt like I got a visit from the "Turk." In sports, a visit from the "Turk" is slang for being fired from a team. This traumatic event most often happens in the preseason, when teams must cut players to conform to a maximum roster size.
A representative of the Sheridan United Methodist Church administration board called and asked to come over and speak to me. I was informed that the church board had voted the night before to pull its financial support from the Sheridan Community Chorus 2008 Christmas cantata. Yes folks, it was a shock!
I was informed that the church is organizing a children's choir to present a missionary/Christmas program at the church in early November. The board and pastor feel that the church cannot present both concerts and that the Sheridan Community Chorus concerts have not led to a growth in church attendance.
The Sheridan United Methodist Church has been gracious enough to sponsor the chorus concerts for almost 3 years and I am extremely grateful. The church has fronted the funds for our music, have supplied a place for us to rehearse, allowed us to use its video projector plus many of our Sheridan Community Chorus members are friends or members of the church.
The singers of the Sheridan Community Chorus have also been extremely loyal to our ensemble. You have donated your time and have even purchased your own music and CD's. With your efforts we have been able to pay the church back for the past 4 performances. The last two concerts have brought more money back to the church than the initial cost of the music. For all this, I thank you.
Without the "up front" investment of our church, as well as the late notification, I can't see any way to present a Christmas concert this year. I am not only personally and professionally disappointed, but I will miss the opportunity to perform and minister to the people in our community; and to the residents in the nursing homes and hospitals of our area.
Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Disappointed, but still...

In His service,
Bud Lowery
Choir director