Monday, April 7, 2008

Great concert last night (4/6)

The Sheridan/Cattaraugus Choruses and the First United church hand bell choir had our concert last night at The Holy Trinity R. C. church in Dunkirk, NY.

Everyone did a fantastic job.

The Chorus was nearly flawless as were our two talented soloists (Jan Delcamp & Rich Dingledy). The chorus presented moments of soft, delicate phrases contrasted to periods of powerful passion. Jordan showed how indispensable he is on the sound system. Thanks to David Allen for the use of his sound system. Thanks to all of you for your help setting everything up and tearing down all of the equipment.

The hand bell choir proved how well and impressive hand bell music can be in the right hands (even though they used both hands).

The audience was responsive and the parish showed their hospitality by hosting a wonderful reception following the concert.

Thanks to everyone involved...thank you Father David.

Rehearsals will start within two weeks for our patriotic musical: 'Our Flag was still there.'

I hope they will begin no later than Tuesday, April 15.

Please begin inviting singers to join our chorus. Our goal is 100 singers.