Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Matthew Van Emmerik...

Tubas of Mass Destruction (TMD)
Tuba Quartet featuring heavy metal music.

Matthew Van Emmerik is a great euphoniumist, who is on staff in Melbourne.

Visit his website... http://www.matthewvanemmerik.com/cd.html

On his website, there are some links to some great recordings of tuba/euphonium ensembles. The section is called: 'Tubas of Mass Destruction. It's worth a visit.

1 Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone) 1:00

4 Bondi (Cog) track 4 3:46

8 46&2 (Tool) 6:04

9 Call of Ktulu (Metallica) 7:53

Other tracks on TMD:

2 Resurrection (Fear Factory) 6:02

3 Timelessness (Fear Factory) track 3 2:29

5-7 Hypnotonize/Mesmerize Mvt 1,2,3 (System of a Down) Track 5, 3:11 Track 6, 1:29 Track 7 3:17

Deanna Swoboda...

DEANNA SWOBODA is Assistant Professor of Music at Western Michigan University where she teaches tuba and euphonium and performs with the Western Brass Quintet, a resident faculty ensemble. Swoboda holds degrees from the University of Idaho and Northwestern University, and is completing studies for the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Arizona State University. From 2000-2005, Swoboda performed as a member of the Dallas Brass. Prior to her appointment at WMU, Swoboda taught at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Las Vegas Arts Academy. She has also taught at the University of Northern Iowa, University of Denver, University of Idaho, National Conservatory of Madrid (Spain), and Deutschen Tubaforum–Hammelberg (Germany). As a clinician, Swoboda has appeared at the national and northwest regional conventions of Music Educators National Conference (MENC), Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, International Women’s Brass Conference, International Tuba-Euphonium Conference.
In addition to being a video artist for Silver Burdette-Ginn, Swoboda wrote, produced, organized, and performed on the band recruitment DVD “Band Blast Off!”. Her solo CD, “Deanna’s Wonderland,” was released on Summit Records in 1999.